Organize Your Mind

simplifying your mind Dec 28, 2021

Think about your mind like it is a house, and then take a tour through your mind and see what’s in every room.

Rooms for your memories, subconscious thoughts, judgements, negative self talk, positive self talk, plans, gratitude, and more.

It feels like our brain is cluttered with thoughts, cluttered with judgements, negativity, facts, and overwhelming ideas.

When you go in, look at your thought and categorize them carefully. It’s the equivalent of going in and cleaning up your house. You can put everything in its place, find the stuff you want to get rid of, and decide what you want to keep.

Do you want to bring in new thoughts, new ideas, and new plans?

Or do you want to keep living in the same brain, with the same categories, with the same thoughts, and without any real conscious thought about what you’re thinking?

Are you hoarding thougths about your past, or judgements about other people, or about yourself?

Everyday you have to take out the trash. That is what a thought download is. You download all those thoughts- take everything out of the cupboards and put back only the stuff that really serves you, really satisfies you. That is the process of organizing your mind.

So get to work and do just that.

Do not be a thought hoarder.

Do not let your mind be a mess.

Become aware.

Ask three questions- Do I use it, Do I love it, Does it serve me?

Make a decision.

Say goodbye.

Create what you want.

Yes You Can!

XO- Jancee