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simplifying books Oct 25, 2023
Happy Halloween Week….
Be honest, are you a book and magazine hoarder?  I know, I know,  I love a good book as much as the next guy but no more double-decker book shelves and towering piles of outdated magazines for you!  
I can’t tell you how many clients stare at me with pleading eyes when I approach their bookshelf holding a donation bag.  You'd think they saw a "ghost" ( no pun intended). 
I LOVE reading books and magazines.  And if you also love books and magazines,  I say read them! 
Enjoy them.
Share them with the people you love.
But, please, don’t shove them haphazardly onto a shelf and let them collect dust for the rest of your life. 
Especially those travel books from 1982 filled with restaurants that don’t even exist anymore. ( wink wink)
Here’s my Tip: 
Remove all of your books and magazines from their shelves and spread them out onto a flat surface.  Get real about which ones you actually intend to read and enjoy again,  or even reference. 
Donate the rest to your local library or school book drive. 
Once you’re done, give your shelves a serious dusting, and then style your books by size, color, category, or any way that feels good to you. 
I curate my magazines carefully and store them in a single open basket so I remember they exist. 
I recently donated a dozen of my treasured magazines ( RIP Country Living!) to my college daughter to use for an art project and then the rest were put to rest in the recycle trash.
Really good books and magazines can change your life.  They can also trigger your dust allergies. 
Choose wisely.
Arranged artfully.
I’m done speaking.